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They were reposted to the site later in the year, and then eventually appeared on 4chan. Wayne responded to the popularity of her initial videos in a third video that was uploaded to her new YouTube channel, boxxybabee, in January 2009. The videos depict Wayne in heavy eyeliner rambling in an excitable stream-of-consciousness style about various topics and experiences. Masculine in Love™ and has been recognized as a top dating coach in Yahoo Finance. Emily has helped hundreds of CEOs, public figures, physicians, entrepreneurs, and high-performing executives and professionals overcome their dating blocks and step into their most confident selves.

On the day of the 1998 World Cup Final, Brazilian striker Ronaldo suffered a convulsive fit. Ronaldo was initially removed from the starting lineup 72 minutes before the match, with the teamsheet released to a stunned world media, before he was reinstated by the Brazil coach shortly before kick off. Ronaldo “sleepwalked” through the final, with France winning the game. The Brazil coach insisted he had the final say, but much speculation focused on sportswear company Nike, Brazil’s multimillion-dollar sponsor—whom many Brazilians thought had too much control—putting pressure on the striker to play against medical advice. Beginning in 2017, a sprawling conspiracy theory emerged from 4chan and was spread via right-wing message boards and websites, then via Breitbart and Fox News to then-President Donald Trump and his allies.

Numerous persons, including former MI5 officer Peter Wright and Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, have alleged that former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson was secretly a KGB spy. Historian Christopher Andrew has lamented that a number of people have been “seduced by Golitsyn’s fantasies”. Inverted theories concerning deaths are also known, prominent among which are claims that Elvis Presley’s death was faked and that Adolf Hitler survived the Second World War and fled to the Americas, to Antarctica, or to the Moon. Theories that Hitler had survived are known to have been deliberately promoted by the government of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin as part of a disinformation campaign. The destruction of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 by Soviet jets in 1983 has long drawn the interest of conspiracy theorists. The theories range from allegations of a planned espionage mission, to a US government cover-up, to the consumption of the passengers’ remains by giant crabs.

Canvas officially launched on January 31, 2011 in beta, and featured digitally modified images created by users of the site. In contrast to 4chan, users were required to identify themselves using Facebook Connect. In accordance with its policies at the time on free speech, Reddit’s admins stated in 2013 that they did not ban communities solely for featuring controversial content.


During this time, the player can bring up Iwanako’s situation; refusing to do so automatically results in the neutral ending. Later, while having sex again, Hisao’s heart flutters again, which starts to become a regular occurrence seemingly ignited by alcohol he has frequently drunk with Lilly prior. The next day, Akira privately meets with Hisao, and reveals that in addition to her taking the new job, her parents have invited Lilly to move to Scotland with them permanently. Lilly later informs Hisao that she accepted, effectively resulting in their breakup. In the bad ending, upon avoiding advice from Misha, Hisao tries to apologize to Emi, but she breaks up with him, and they never talk again. In the good ending, after either accepting the advice from Misha or other advice from Meiko, the nurse, and Rin, Hisao not only apologizes but professes his love for Emi, asserting that he wants to help her like she helped him.

LLaMA, Meta’s latest family of large language models, has been leaked along with its weights and is now available to download through torrents. Christopher King, a GitHub user, submitted a pull request to the LLaMA GitHub page which included a torrent link to the open model. “Reddit mods are censoring dozens of words from r/technology posts”. “The Creator of the Largest Gamergate Subreddit Rage Quits, Says it’s ‘Infested With Racism and Sexism’ “.

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Your work life is unbalanced to support you in meeting your romantic goal,” said Jenkins. LabelIndependentThe game’s soundtrack, entitled Katawa Shoujo Enigmatic Box of Sound, was released for download on January 20, 2012. It was written primarily by musicians Sebastien “NicolArmarfi” Skaf and Andy “Blue123” Andi. An updated version of “Red Velvet” was released alongside the French language update on July 8, 2013, featuring saxophone player Japes.

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Despite its rudimentary design, the prototype received unexpected success, leading to many requests for a full game. In response, ninjamuffin99 stated that he had plans to expand the game. “Shadowy online subculture in spotlight after Toronto van attack”.

Freemason conspiracy theories have also been linked to certain antisemitic conspiracy theories. The disappearance, and often presumed death, of an individual may also become a cause for conspiracy theorists. Theories of a cover-up surrounding the 1974 disappearance of Lord Lucan following the murder of his family’s nanny include, for example, allegations of a suicide plot whereby his body was fed to tigers at Howletts Zoo. Numerous conspiracy theories have also attended the 2007 disappearance of English girl Madeleine McCann.

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A large contributor to VCU, Altria Group purchased the theater located centrally on campus. Formerly known as The Mosque and the Landmark Theater, the Altria Theater was originally built for Shriners of the Acca Temple Shrine. In 1940, the building was purchased by the City of Richmond, which converted much of its interior for municipal use. The Richmond Police Department occupied the theater’s basement, where they opened up office space, classrooms, a gymnasium, and a shooting range for the police academy.

What’s more, the resource even offers a way to integrate LLaMA into KoboldAI, an online platform for AI-based writing. After the Christchurch mosque shootings in 2019, many posts appeared in the subreddit arguing that the shootings were justified, filled with anti-Muslim hate. In January 2014, Mother Jones published a story describing the sale of guns on the site.

It’s here that “shock posts,” what The Washington Post described as “graphic scenes of violence or sex” are profuse. This “random” board is where “the Fappening” — when hackers shared nude photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence — began, before spreading to Reddit in 2014. A report of Jeffrey Epstein’s death was posted on /pol/ around 40 minutes before ABC News broke the news. It was originally suspected that the unidentified person who made the posts may have been a first responder, prompting a review by the New York City Fire Department, who later stated that the post did not come from a member of its department. On July 14, 2019, 17-year-old Bianca Devins was murdered by 21-year-old Brandon Clark of Utica, New York after the two went to a concert together.

Founded in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is America’s first technological research university. Rensselaer encompasses five schools, over 30 research centers, more than 140 academic programs including 25 new programs, and a dynamic community made up of over 6,800 students and 104,000 living alumni. Rensselaer faculty and alumni include upwards of 155 National Academy members, six members of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, six National Medal of Technology winners, five National Medal of Science winners, and a Nobel Prize winner in Physics.