Six Truck Stops Power Up With Electric Plug-in Power

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If you have the option of choosing the type of parking at a truck rest stop, you should choose a spot you can easily pull through. This type of parking allows you to pull out of the parking space in a jiffy; which gives you more chance of leaving a truck parking space if there is any trouble. Policies may vary depending on the store’s manager. Talk to the manager and get permission before staying overnight.

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The salt flats make for some interesting photos and you might end up parking your RV here for several hours. Oregon has such amazing places to pull over, but if you haven’t pulled over enough while traveling through the state you are in luck. There are dozens of rest areas on the major roads, but Oregon has also turned some of its state parks into rest areas.

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Follow the manager’s rules and thank the store by getting a few supplies before you leave. You might think overnight parking at a Casino would be a bit of a gamble, but most Casinos allow free overnight parking. Just check with the casino security to get your overnight parking pass.

A lot of the State Park Campgrounds have dump stations with potable water spigots located near the exit to the campground. Sometimes you’ll see signs that the dump station is only for registered campers, but usually if you have a State Park Pass, no one seems to have a problem with using the dump station fill an RV tank with water. The VIP access only People Nearby feature is a GPS locational feature that makes locating Truckers and Truck Drivers who are local a three click process. The TruckerSucker People Nearby feature is especially handy for over the road truckers who are in a different location each night.